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Architecture NYC

General Electric Building NYC 1931

General Electric Building NYC 570 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, NYC, USA Built in 1931 RCA Victor started the project but General Electric finished it. One of NYC’s most beautiful skyscrapers   50 floors 640 ft / 200...

Architecture India

Art Deco in Mumbai India

Art Deco in Mumbai India Mumbai houses an eclectic collection of art deco buildings, second only to Miami in the world. New India Assurance Building Built in 1936 Designed by Master Sarhe and Bhuta Artistic designer N. G...

Architecture Germany

Art Deco in Germany

Art Deco in Germany There is not much pure 1920s Art Deco architecture in Germany Pre WWI-Jugendstil, Bauhaus style or expressionist architecture had a stronger influence on German architects. Schocken Department Store...

America Architecture NYC

The Daily News Building NYC 1930

The Daily News Building (also known as The News Building) is a 476-foot (145 m) Art Deco skyscraper in New York City. Built in 1929–1930, it was headquarters for the New York Daily News newspaper until 1995. Designed by...

Africa Architecture

Art Deco in Mozambique, Africa

Art Deco in Africa Mozambique Mozambique  TUBS CC BY-SA 3.0 Mozambique was a Portuguese colony from the early 15th century until 1975. Although there are some fine examples of Art Deco in Mozambique like the Cine Africa, the...

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