Art Deco Ocean Liners

SS Île de France



SS Île de France

Compagnie Générale Transatlantique CGT

Maiden voyage: 1927

She was the first liner ever to be decorated entirely with designs associated with Art Deco style and was considered the most beautifully decorated ship built by CGT (also known as the “French Line”) until the Normandie.


The liner’s Grand Salon as it appeared in the 1950s, following post-WWII remodeling.

In 1931 the restaurant in Eaton’s Department Store, Montreal, Canada, was styled after the first class restaurant aboard the ship.

The store owner’s wife had just traveled transatlantic on the liner and requested the style of the Ile de France.



Used as a troopship during WWII she came back to its luxurious past after the war.

The ship was later scrapped in the 60’s

You can see in the following video more images of the interior…

SS Normandie



SS Normandie

Compagnie Générale Transatlantique CGT

Maiden Voyage: 1935

Largest and fastest passenger ship of its time.

Considered as one of the greatest ocean liners ever built.



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The luxurious interiors were designed in Art Déco and Streamline Moderne style


Jean Ribéry

First Class Swimming Pool

The first-class dining hall was the largest room afloat



During World War II,  Normandie was seized by US authorities and renamed USS Lafayette.

In 1942, the liner caught fire while being converted to a troopship and remained half sunk in the Hudson River until she was scrapped in October 1946



After the fire 1942

Items from Normandie were sold in a series of auctions after her demise, many of them absolute Art Deco treasures.

Some murals and other works can still be seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art while others can be found in some quiet unexpected places…



The main door to the dinning room of the SS Normandie with its 6 medallions representing 6 cities of the Normandie region in France.

(Nowadays doing its job in a church in Brooklyn NYC)

Check the following videos and discover the fabulous interior designs of one of the most beautiful boats ever built:


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