Bullocks Wilshire
Wilshire Blvd.  Los Angeles USA

Art Deco building completed in 1929 as a luxury department store for owner John G. Bullock.


In the 30’s

The building was designed by Los Angeles architects John and Donald Parkinson.

The interior design was by Eleanor Lemaire and Jock Peters of the Feil & Paradise Company.

The ceiling mural of the porte-cochère was painted by Herman Sachs.

 Bullocks Wilshire Sachs Mural

Bullocks Wilshire Bldg. 7.jpg
By MikeJirochOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Perfume Hall


The exterior is notable for its 241-foot (73 m) tower whose top is sheathed in copper, tarnished green. At one time, the tower peak had a light that could be seen for miles around. 

Current use of building

In 1994, the building was acquired by Southwestern Law School. 
The school restored the building to its original 1929 state, adapting the building for use as an integral part of the school. 

The building is a historic-cultural monument of the City of Los Angeles.



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